Honoring Nancy Butler: A Legacy Of Hope

All of us at OPEN have been touched by Nancy's life, courage, and ministry. This special episode is dedicated to the legacy of hope she leaves behind for so many of us, helping us to realize that even in great hardship, God is present and still at work in us.



Nancy wrote the following to her congregation, Riverfront Church, on November 29, 2016.

"I have decided to go off my feeding tube and vent this week and . . . how should I put it . . . die. I knew my suffering would reach this tipping point and caring for me would become impossibly demanding. What I didn’t know was whether or not God would want me to suck it up for some unseen purpose or end my life this way.

I am a little surprised God is confirming this decision. Nice to know He isn’t a sadist. He is oh so tender right now. He tells me my work is done and it’s the right time to come home. Remember what God told me in my Sure Hands ceiling lift that squeezes me tight? He said, “I gotcha” every time I went up in that lift. I missed that feeling when I had to switch to a sling a few weeks ago. After I made this decision to stop the feeding tube feedings, I was cruising from my bedroom to my bathroom in the usual uncomfortable slump, head hanging down, wrists tied up with scarves, when God reassured me. Just as the mythical stork carries a newborn into this world in a sling, I am going to carry you out of it."

To read the entirety of Nancy's post, click here.

About Nancy Butler:

Eight years ago, Nancy planted Riverfront Family Church, a progressive evangelical church in the Hartford, Connecticut area.  Two and a half years ago, she observed the first symptoms of what she knew to be ALS.